Rubber tires for the wheels of the motorized drawer in Bang & Olufsen cassettedecks.

Limited reproduction.

These tyres fit:
Beocord 5000 (type 49xx only)
Beocord 5500 (all types)
Beocord 6500 (all types)
Beocord 7000 (all types)

The original rubber parts are prone to develop flat spots, if the Beocord is not used for some time.
Tires with flat spots will cause a jerky and uneven movement of the drawer – and in severe cases no movement at all.
The flat spots are permanent, they will never go away again, and no chemicals will correct the deformation. Only solution is to replace the rubber parts.

Basic mechanical skills and tools is required to replace the parts.
Only the rubber parts will be replaced, all other parts will be reused.

Set containing four rubber tires.

To order please go to the webshop HERE where new belts etc. are also available.