Beogram 4002 4004 Remote control optional module

Always wanted your Beogram 4002 or Beogram 4004 to be remote controlled? Is it possible?
The answer is yes! Now it is!

Beolover made this great little optional module for plugging in to your Beogram.

Check out this video:

And buy it here:

Beosound Ouverture Light Assy

Beosound Ouverture Light assy
Lamp module for tape and CD compartment illumination.
Fits Beocenter/Beosystem 2300, 2500 and Beosound Ouverture, 3000, 3200
Tested fine.
Includes PCB with lamp 8230100 and reflector cabinet 3131356
Condition EX
Lead lengths can vary.
Part# 8230100,3131356
Available: Yes