Beocord Stereomaster VU-Meter 843L77

Beocord Stereomaster VU-Meter 843L77
Tested working.
Condition EX
Fits Beocord Stereomaster (2/4) 610 only.
(Does not fit Beocord 2000)
Part# 843L77
Available: Yes


Beocord Stereomaster Knob For Pushbuttons 966H1

Beocord Stereomaster Knob For Pushbuttons 966H1
Fits Beocord Stereomaster 610 and some versions of Beocord 2000 Condition EX
Part# 966H1
Available: Yes

Beomaster 1900 / 2400 potentiometer repair kit

Beomaster 1900 / 2400 potentiometer repair kit

You are looking at a repair set for the sliding potentiometers used for the tonecontol in some of the classic 1970s Bang & Olufsen design stereo receivers.

The problem with the original part is that the sliding part of the potentiometer breaks, causing the little bronze sliders underneath to lose contact.
This again causes dropouts or completely silent channels, sluggish, intermittent or completely non-working tonecontrols etc.
The problem affects the bass, treble and balance sliders in Beomaster 1900, Beomaster 1900-2, Beomaster 2300, Beomaster 2400 and Beomaster 2400-2.

The potentiometers were custom produced for B&O and replacement parts has been unavailable for ages.
A new type of replacement potentiometers were available from B&O at some point but it was only for a very short period of time and only very few receivers got them.

This kit is for the old type potentiometers (the ones that break).
It contains the three pieces needed to repair the bass, treble and balance control sliders.

The new parts have been improved over the originals in that the material has been made practically unbreakable and the problem areas were made stronger, all to prevent future problems.

Fitting instructions included (photos and english text).
Basic electronic skills and tools (a little soldering) is required to replace the parts.
You will replace only the broken plastic parts. You will transfer the little bronze contacts to the new parts and you will reuse the rest of the original potentiometers.

Cost EUR 15 including worldwide shipping.

Beovox Woofer 8480041

Beovox Woofer 8480041
Fits Beovox 1100, 1700, 1800, 1802, 2200
Fits also Beovox 1200 (Type 6227 three-way version only).
Fits also Beovox 1600 (Type 6228 only).
Celestion 246 SPO
Tested working
Condition EX
Part# 8480041
Available: Yes

Beocenter 2000 2002 Motor For Tapedeck 8400102

Beocenter 2000 2002 Motor For Tapedeck 8400102
Tested working 12/17
Fits Beocenter 2000, 2002
Condition EX
Part# 8400102
Available: Yes