Beomaster 4000 4400 Beocenter 3500 sliding pointer windows

Limited reproduction.

You are looking at the clear windows (cursors) used for the sliderule dial type potentiometer controls on some of the classic 1970s Bang & Olufsen Beomaster and Beocenter design stereos.

The original lenses are known to yellow and/or develop “fog” with age (and nicotine) and they rarely look their best anymore. In some cases they have simply fallen off the slider button and gone missing.
The parts are long out of production and has been unavailable for ages.

For sale here you will find exact reproduction parts for direct replacement of the lens parts (only the lens part – not the metal parts):

Windows with green line fits:
– Beomaster 1500 (Volume, Tuning)
– Beomaster 4000 (all sliders)
– Beocenter 3500 (black faced version only) (all sliders)

Windows with orange line fits:
– Beomaster 1400 (Volume, Tuning)
– Beomaster 3000, 3000-2 (Tuning)
– Beomaster 4400 (all sliders)
– Beocenter 3500 (aluminium faced version only) (Tuning)
– Beocenter 2600 & 2800 (Volume and Tuning)
– Beocenter 4600 (Volume, Tuning and Level)

Set for Beomaster 4000 or Beocenter 3500 (black faced version only) = 5pcs. with green line; EUR 48

Set for Beomaster 4400 = 5 pcs with orange line; EUR 48

Also available separately (please specify line color) at EUR 12 /each

All prices are excl. postage.
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