This belt is an exact correct, direct replacement for Bang & Olufsen part number 2732003 (and 2732030).
This belt is round (cross section).
It will fit the following Bang & Olufsen models:

G 41V
G 41VF
G 42V
G 42VF
Beogram 1000 (All types)
Beogram 1001 (All types)
Beogram 1200 (Type 5213,5214,5216,5217,5225)
Beogram 1202 (Type 5237,5238)
Beogram 1203 (Type 5239,5243)
Beogram 1500 (Type 5208, 5230)
Beogram 1800 (Type 5213)
Beogram 2000 (Type 5240,5244)
Beogram 3000 (Type 5228,5231,5241)
Beocenter 3500 (All types)
Beomaster 900RG (Compact, De Luxe) (Does not fit models with Garrard deck)
Beomaster 1200RG (Does not fit models with Garrard deck)

The original belt has unique properties, – no standard off-the-shelf belt on
the market will work correctly.
The size is of course important but parameters like friction and elasticity are
particularly essential because of the way the belt is used and how speed is
mechanically switched in these decks.

This belt is exactly like the original;
Correct shape, correct size, correct friction, correct elasticity.
This is the real thing.

Limited reproduction.

To order please go to the webshop HERE

Note: New idler wheels are also available – check the Reproduction parts section.

This belt will also fit the following models from other brands:
SRT (Skandinavisk Radio & Television) Type 605
SRT (Skandinavisk Radio & Television) Type 655
SRT (Skandinavisk Radio & Television) Type 665
HMV (His Masters Voice) Type 605
HMV (His Masters Voice) Type 655
HMV (His Masters Voice) Type 665