Available here is a stereo preamplifier (RIAA) module for use in B&O Beogram 1200, 1800 (Type 52xx only) and some versions of Beogram 3000.
It’s a direct replacement for the original Bang & Olufsen GF4 preamp module –
in some servicemanuals called Type 5306.

This is a high quality module;
The circuit board is through-plated with integrated shielding.
All components are carefully picked and deliberately selected for their individual position to achieve the warm and pleasant sound from the early 1970s whilst ensuring reliable functionality and long life.

This pre-amp module will fit if your Beogram has a slot in the bottom plate as shown in the photo. (If no slot is present, this module will NOT fit your Beogram).

Available as a DIY-kit with the circuit board and all components in a zipper bag, ready to solder.
For owners with basic electronic skills and tools (soldering).
Comes with component location chart.
Find it in the webshop here.