Beocord & Beocenter Tapedeck Idler Wheel Rubber Set

Idler wheel (clutch / reel table) rubber parts for:
Beocord 2000 (cassette)
Beocord 3300
Beocord 5000 (type 49xx only)
Beocord 6000
Beocord 6002 (HX-PRO)
Beocord 8000
Beocord 8002 (HX-Pro)
Beocord 8004 (HX-Pro)
Beocord 9000
Beocenter 2200
Beocenter 5000
Beocenter 7000
Beocenter 7002
Beocenter 7007
Beocenter 7700

By now the original idler wheel rubber parts will have worn and/or dried out to an extent where functionality is compromised.
Typical first symptom of worn idler rubber parts is a sluggish or completely non-functional tape wind and/or rewind function. Other functions will usually soon be affected as well and the deck can become mechanically noisy.

The only lasting solution is to replace the rubber parts but they were long out of production and unavailable for ages.

The solution is now here in the form of improved reproduction parts;
Not only will these rubber parts provide an improved friction over the original parts, this brand new
material will not harden with heat or dry out with age as fast as the original material did.
Another good property is that, compared to the original parts, the new parts will not be as prone to “memory”-effect (staying deformed) if left engaged for a prolonged time.

The set includes all idler rubbers used in the given tapedeck.
Four rubber parts are shown in the photo, some decks use only three.
These parts are direct replacements for the original rubber parts. No modifications necessary.
You will be replacing only the rubber parts, you will keep and re-use all other parts.
Replacing the rubber parts requires some technical and mechanical skills and tools.

To order please go to the webshop HERE, where new belts etc. are also available.