Through several decades, I’ve taken great pleasure in collecting, repairing and restoring Bang & Olufsen audio units.
Beomaster radio receivers, Beocord tapedecks, Beovox speakers, Beogram record- and CD players, Beolit portables, Beocenter combined units etc. and also the vintage items.
At first, I grabbed everything I could but I soon found out, that I would have to limit and concentrate and it wasn’t difficult for me to settle on the audio range with primary focus on the pre-1990 units.
This was always pure hobby, nothing else, and as hobbies are supposed to, it has brought me thousands of
hours of entertainment, finding rare units for my collection, hunting down stubborn faults, locating difficult-to-find parts
and playing with the resulting units.
The odd repair from others also found its way to my workbench, be that from right next door or from overseas.

I’d like to restore each and every single unit I can lay my hands on but, through the years, I have come
across several units that, for one reason or another, simply was too bad to restore but also too good to throw away.
I have found these units to be a valueable source of unique and model specific parts so they were meticulously
parted out, put in boxes and/or stored for use in my repairs and restoration jobs.

For me this all started long before the internet, back in the mid-1970s, so the first many years I was pretty much doing this on my own with practically no contact to others with the same hobby.
The internet eventually came around and it brought with it a lot of people with the same interest.
This was wonderful and many of these new friends with the same hobby soon found out that I had a good stash
of all sorts of parts in the dungeons.
Countless enthusiasts, private collectors, DIY’ers, dealers and even authorized repairshops have contacted me, asking for
parts and advice and I am happy to report that I’ve managed to help quite a few of them.

I rarely buy anything nowadays and, as I already said, I like to restore each and every unit possible, so please rest
assured that I am not breaking up units that could have been restored. I must admit, I may have done so 30 years ago
when the units were plentyful and parts were no problem but not today. The vast majority of parts listed on these
pages comes from units that were deemed out – most even parted out – decades ago.

My own collection counts in the thousands of units so when we speak about parts units we’re talking about a count well up in the hundreds. Some are pretty much still complete, some could be described as skeleton chassis’ while others again only have very little left but the vast majority have already been parted out, zipped up and stored as a parts pool.
To be honest, I never really got around to throwing anything away so my parts stash has grown to a level where most sane people would start to worry about me and I’ve realised that I need to part with something.
This is where the ends meet and where Beoparts came into consideration.
A blog page, where I could list parts surplus to my own needs.
This is where you are now.